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Are you a Sustainability Manager in a small or medium-sized fashion brand? Or you are in another position and deal with the topic of sustainability? Do you have a burning issue or are you looking for a solution for a project?

Do you sometimes lack a team that takes time for you and thinks through the idea?

Sustainability is multifaceted, complex and approaches to solutions change due to new scientific findings.

Developing and implementing these solutions requires access to knowledge, creativity and courage.

The feeling of not being alone, of talking to people who are working on similar problems or of getting to know new perspectives on one's own problem can inspire and move mountains.

The Sustainable Crowd offers exactly this space: collegial advice and mutual coaching on your current professional, methodological or personal questions and challenges related to sustainability in fashion.

From the sustainable crowd you will receive a variety of impulses from the swarm intelligence or you will develop new approaches to solutions with other impulse and feedback givers.

If you have problems that you would like to share with the community then please write to us at:

At the moment we can discuss a maximum of two cases per appointment.

We are looking foward to meet you!

Next date: 21.6.2022

Justine Weiss_2020.jpg

Justine Weiss, Sustainability Specialist & founder of Lama Living 

'As co-initiator of THE SUSTAINABLE CROWD, Julia has created a format for exchange between sustainability managers in the fashion sector that can serve as a role model for other industries. Peer consulting has given me new perspectives on my problem, bringing me closer to the solution. '


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