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All workshops are characterized by participative, co-creative and interactive parts and do not serve purely to impart knowledge. It is always about bringing my participants into feeling and to bring about real change. Since it is very important to me to pay attention to the physical and mental well-being of the participants are like workshops online and offline always peppered with many breaks, energy work, stretching exercises and regeneration times, as well as meditation and breathing exercises. Each workshop ends with a positive outlook , on a good note or with action instructions. Please find some examples of online workshops below. 


All topics can be combined into larger blocks and alternatively take place offline. All 4 h online workshops can be split into 2 sessions à two hours, if more suitable for you and your team. 

In addition, I offer team development and leadership trainings together with experienced partners. 

Team development can also be requested in combination with a multi-day team event. I organize accommodation, outdoor activities, team training + workshop sessions, coaching and input on the topics of regeneration and circularity.

For specific requests, please send me an inquiry!


Fashion has a waste problem. Learn what you can do to create change towards the elimination of waste. 

- Learn about waste colonialism and global second hand trade 

- Waste management and Upcycling in the global south 

- Microplastics 

- the circular economy

- The EU strategy for a circular fashion economy

750 € + VAT

It's not waste until you waste it! 
or 4 h online workshop

Microplastic emissions are found everywhere and are directly connected to the use of synthetic materials in fashion and especially in sports- and outdoor wear. Learn more about: 

- How microplastics shed

- water, air and food contamination 

- how nature disperses

- The EU textiles strategy for microplastics

- Strategies to mitigate microfibre release of your products

750 € + VAT

Microplastics - the black swan of the industry.
4h online workshop
Circularity done right - Understanding the bigger picture. 
4 h online workshop 

Do you use recycled PES in your collections and label it as 'Sustainable' product? 

Understand why this could be claimed as greenwashing. 

- Understand why using recycled PES is not an option, if we want to become somewhat 'suatinable'

- Learn about Cradle 2 Cradle and a truly (bio-)circular approach for the apparel sector

- How nature recycles 

- The circular economy

- Alternative next-gen biomaterials

750 € + VAT

From sustainable to regenerative - a new mindset. 
4 h online workshop

- Analyse the the global fashion systems symptoms and roots causes

- Create a positive vision for the future of fashion and learn to embrace complexity as a possibility for change 

- Take time to reflect on your personal role in this systemic transformation through guided meditation and journaling

- begin to trust your inner value compass that will help you make impactful decisions

750 € + VAT

We are facing the biggest upheaval in the fashion industry:  It currently accounts for 4-10% of the global GHG emissions. These emissions are rising, production volumes are increasing, and the use of polyester is predicted to be 6X the volume of cotton in the year 2028. There seems to be a lack of will power, guts and action to truly change course. 


Why? Because our value system is still mainly focused on economic growth. But in this time of change, organizations need more than money. They need new talent with special skills such as systemic thinking, resilience and creativity, as well as a positive forward-looking vision, before it's too late.

In the midst of this time of change, we dig into the root cause of this crisis: our values systems, beliefs and worldviews. 

- Interactively assess your brands maturity values with our value assessment 

- determine and visualize your status quo in the paradigm shift towards a circular / regenerative economy

- After the workshop, this assessment can be used to develop a strategy and track progress

750 € + VAT

Set your values and the rest will follow. 
4 h online workshop

- Definition of circularity and regeneration

- Interactively assess your brands maturity level with our circularity scan tool

- determine and visualize the status quo in the transformation towards a circular / regenerative economy

- After the workshop, this assessment can be used to develop a strategy and track progress

750 € + VAT

Circularity Scan - Where is your brand in the regenerative transformation? 4 h online workshop
Circularity Scan - Where is your brand in the regenerative transformation? 4 h online workshop



Lisa Augustin, Owner at hofmann druck | design | neue medien e.K.

'I often struggle in everyday life with feeling alone in my bubble. The workshop 'From sustainable to regenerative - a new mindset' was a nice trip into a bubble that is worth growing.  A workshop like this is balm for the soul and shows that there are like-minded people out there.  Julia and Janka created a safe space and guided me to go deeper than one might expect in online courses.'

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