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I suppose you are here because you know that fashion can do better?

Before getting started I would like you to know that I am all about making a real difference. My work is based on humility, creativity and storytelling.

I want my customers to really work towards something they feel connected to. I am not here for shallow sustainability promises.

I am not a KPI person. I am a storyteller, an idealist, visionary and a systems-thinker.

Fashion, the environment and responsibility have always belonged together for me: 

When I was four, I passionately buried dead birds in my grandmother's garden that had crashed against the window while I was wearing my most beautiful flower dress. But I didn't just bury the birds, I built them a cemetery in Grandma's garden. Each bird got a name before the burial, because anonymous burials are even sadder than ‚normal‘ ones. So soon there were some crosses with different names on them in my grandma's garden.

I had taken over responsibility for the death of numerous birds caused by a higher cause, hidden to me at that time. As a little girl I couldn‘t grasp the fault in the system. But i remember the compassion and sadness, every time I discovered a dead bird again. And I remember asking myself why so many birds flew against the window and died, despite these stickers simulating the silhoutte of other birds.

Why was there a supposed solution for a problem that did not work in real life? As my grandmother is dead and her house is sold, i probably won‘t figure out the root cause of the problem. But I am still asking these big question:


Why is there so much microplastic?

And what is the root cause of this phenomenon?

What does our culture and worldview have to do with the system failure?

How would the ocean design a pair of jeans? 

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When others' heads start spinning with complexity, I really get into it. I love to think my way into complex systems and to explain them simply. 

As an idealist and visionary, it's easy for me to create an ambitious picture of the future that sometimes seems unrealistic and unattainable for others. I would like to encourage people, especially those who are involved in the implementation, to engage in these thought experiments for a change. Because an unshakeable set of values and a motivating picture of the future can bring so much courage, hope and perseverance.

'I want to bring love & light back to fashion.'

Vision and Values:


My vision is a diverse, creative and biocircular fashion landscape with a degrowth approach. In order to redesign the system we need to put health of people and planet before economic success. Therefore I believe in regeneration and decolonialization. My mission is to change our common values towards a better fashion future. 






Justice &




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Janka is passionate about supply chains, transformation processes and climate justice.

With her, you can develop concepts for making supply chains more sustainable and business models more regenerative. Communicating with customers and employees and in order to take them along on the path of transformation is very important to her. She provides services in the following formats: workshops for strategy development, 1:1 sparring sessions or long-term support during the process. 


Olga is a Fashion Strategist uniting experience in the areas Sustainability, Business Development, Supply Chain Management and E-commerce.She is on a mission to accelerate positive system change in the fashion industry by supporting small and medium sized organisations to step up their sustainability game. Her vision is to make regenerative fashion a reality and therefore she develops strategies & tools that help businesses to transform into a new imperative that gives back, instead of taking.

Janka Eckert

Olga Nowikow

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