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You are a CEO, leader, founder or sustainability manager in a fashion, outdoor or sportswear company? 

You have a lot of ideas how to make your business more sustainable but you lack the time to sort out how to prioritize? 

Regenerative leadership and self-leadership are concepts you would like to implement more into your work? 

You would like to get out of the sustainability hustle into a relaxed and open state of the mind in order to make impactful decisions?

Create your personal sustainable transformation !

Transforming the fashion industry towards sustainability needs inner work. I got you covered! I have been working on myself constantly within the last 15 years. Let me open and hold this space of self-discovery for you. In our society and work environment we are mostly in a hustle-mode, making us stressed and resistant to change. Being creative, flexible and and open-minded is much easier of we act from a state of relaxation and mindfulness. 


With a systemic approach I am convinced that you have the answers inside you. Therefore I use different methods and questioning techniques to accompany your process like: 

- systemic questions

- vision work

- working with your inner team

- non-violent communication

- self-compassion

- relaxation techniques

- a positive attitude towards life 

- mindfulness excercises

- meditation

Are you interested to get to know me?

Book your discovery call below!

Please also find my offer and prices below. 


Is there a specific conflict at work that you would like to resolve? 

You are stuck with a sustainability related project and need an outside perspective? 


Let's fix this quickly together and get you into clarity. 

180 € + VAT

Quick fix 1:1 - 1 x 90 min

500 € + VAT

Classic 1:1 - 3 x 90 min

Somehow you feel blocked and long for clarity but you don't know what's wrong exactly? 

Or you are at a turning point in your career in the Apparel industry and need a new direction? 

Let's work on your case over the time of 4 weeks and get you back on track. 

For a period of 10 weeks we will intensively work on your beliefs. 

This inner transformation will bring more balance and self-compassion. 

Let's transition you to a higher version of yourself in order to bring sustainable change into the world. 

This intense 1:1 coaching will give you more strength and guidance in your sustainable journey. 

1500 € + VAT

Metamorphosis 1:1 - 10 x 90 min

Jessica Dedora, Sustainable Fashion Specialist

'My experience of Julia's coaching was touchingly beautiful and extremely helpful, as I was allowed to be who I am - without judgment. Her honest, open and empathetic approach allowed me to feel heard and accepted in every way. She is an incredibly emphatic person and gives one hundred percent attention to her counterpart. With the help of her calmness and grounding I was able to arrive completely at myself. Where I wanted to arrive in order to make better decisions. Through her focused questions I understood where and how my path in the future of fashion should look like and how I can create it in harmony with people and nature.'



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