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A new era of fashion professionals
is emerging. Become one of them!

It's time to walk the talk: The industry has to move beyond zero and become a positive and regenerative force. 'It’s our obligation, or we have no business running a business at all.' as Houdini says in their Planetary Boundaries report.

But there is a lot of green washing going on and certifications and industry standards have recently come under criticism. The fashion industry accounts for 4-10% of the global GHG emissions. And carbon emissions are still rising, production volumes are increasing, and the use of polyester is predicted to be 6X the volume of cotton in the year 2028.


There seems to be a lack of will power, guts and action to truly change course. Why? Because our value system is still focused on economic growth, money and greed. We need a new mindset to truly change course, before it's too late.

Sustainability is more than a process: it's a mindset! 

Does your head sometimes spin with complexity?

Do you feel like you can’t make impactful decisions because there is so much going on in fashion right now?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the task to change fashion for good?


I got you!

To bring you and your team from a sustainable or circular to a regenerative worldview I combine system thinking, transformation design and state of the art science with agile methods, design thinking, storytelling and mindfulness practices such as guided meditations and embodiment excercises.


These different methods and tool allow to work on all levels of your system to create holistic and sustainable change in values and mindset.

Still in? Let's change the fashion system then!



Amber Riedl, Founder of Makerist and Angel Investor

'I would definitely recommend working with Julia on ideas and models related to circularity and regenerative design. Her ability to think in systems and stakeholders is invaluable in terms of understanding the broader perspective with all the opportunities and risks this presents.'

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